Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Hey all,

I haven't been around much lately, as i have been very busy preparing for the Market stall which i am going to be at this Friday Night! it will be held at Evergreen Lifestyle Centre in Northlakes and goes from 6pm - 9pm, so if you free and looking for something to do why not come down it will be a great Family night out.

Here are some of the projects i have been working on for the market

Russian Dolls

Tissue box Cover

French Knitted Pink Bracelet

Dogwood rose Hair Clip

These are just a sneek peek of some of the items that will be available there are Heaps more such as Beaded Earring, Phone Charms, Zippered cases, Kitchen hand towels, tea towels, Kitchen oven mitts, bags, waterproof tote bags, Flower brooches, shopping bags, crayon rolls, dummy pods, large zipper cases, wallets with chap stick holders and MORE!

Hoping everyone is have a fantastic day and I hope to see you all on the Night, Just look for the Puddin's Retreat Banner! you won't miss it.......